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Life Coaching and Accountability Coaching programs are created for individuals who are stuck in life and/or their career and need a breakthrough. They are looking to enhance their emotional intelligence, get promoted and create endless opportunities. They are looking for an expert who can systematically guide them through a specific path to success. It is for individuals who are looking to expand and leverage their network and create opportunities.    

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Re-Launching Yourself

The 12-week life coaching program is designed to improve emotional intelligence. I lead you to achieve your life/career dreams by following a proven set of manageable steps. At the end of 12 weeks, you will have absolute clarity on the top goals for you, Isolate and re-frame your limiting beliefs and devise a plan of action to achieve your specific outcomes. This program is ideal for individuals who are looking fora breakthrough and reach peak performance.

Your investment: $1297 (HST included). Equal payment option available.  

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Accountability Coaching

The 8-week accountability coaching is designed for you to achieve more with a results coach at your side. If you’re feeling stuck, need a vision or help mapping out path-goal strategies, let's connect. It is easy to get stuck in your comfort zone when surrounded by loved ones who tell you what you want to hear. I will give you my unbiased opinion, assist with emotional intelligence and systematically guide you to unlock your true potential and a path to reach your goals. I will be at your side to hold you accountable.

 Your investment: $685 (HST included). Equal payment option available. 

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Success Stories

Rafael W., Financial Analyst

Shah truly cares for the people he coaches. I learned something new about myself during our life coaching sessions. I enjoyed our relaxing and helpful conversations over coffee during our meet-ups. He is a great strategist and has a natural talent for coaching individuals enhance their emotional intelligence. Shah is very kind and accommodating and provide practical accountability coaching sessions.

Hiba F., Teacher

After just two life coaching sessions with Shah, things have really started to take shape in my life. When I first called him, it was on a whim. When I decided to go with my gut and sign up for coaching, it was because I felt comfortable speaking with Shah. I needed accountability coaching in my life. Someone who could steer me in the right direction when things got tough and help work on my emotional intelligence. I didn’t feel excited about life, didn’t feel lucky, didn’t feel like I was constantly on an adventure. I concluded that I must be depressed, went to therapy, moved, moved again, tried different career paths, to make it come back, all the while doubling down on everything that felt wrong. After completing my coaching program with Shah, I have the appropriate language to articulate everything I always knew. I am at that “good-feeling” place, and watching little things in my day point me in the right direction

Stacia H., Manager, Business Development

The 12-weeks of life coaching under Shah’s guidance will forever be life-changing.

He helped me discover a new mindset, tap into my emotional intelligence and renew my confidence. Whether you are starting your professional life over or climbing the corporate ladder, Shah’s accountability coaching will bring out the best in you to make all your aspirations become a reality. He is kind and passionate about coaching people.

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I provide life coaching and accountability coaching to enhance emotional intelligence. 


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Refund policy

I put a lot of work into my life coaching and accountability coaching programs to help improve emotional intelligence. Therefore, I do not offer refunds for any reasons at any time.