12-Week Fitness Coaching

Nutrition, Fitness & Accountability:

  • Weekly online check-in & progress accountability 
  • Customized weekly meal-planning by nutrition expert
  • Supplementation guidance to support digestion & weight loss
  • Once a week cheat meal of your choice
  • Tips on eating out and help with choosing foods at restaurants without undermining your overall fitness goal
  • Customized weight loss exercise plans (3 times a week, 30 to 40 minutes each session)
  • 60 minute one-on-one demonstration of all exercises
  • 24/7 unlimited support for any questions and concerns

3 Easy Steps to Sign-up:

  • Complete fitness assessment
  • Pay coaching fee
  • Receive your plan


Your Investment: 

  • Total investment: $1349.00 (including taxes & initial fitness assessment)
  • Fist installment is $299 and then three installments of $350 per month.


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Success Stories

Sabrina K., Mississauga, Ontario

I lost 21 pounds using Shah's fitness routine and went from a pant size of 8 to size 4. I learned how to lose weight fast and life is different when I am not carrying so much extra weight. I really enjoyed the online weight loss center experience! I am certainly enjoying the new me with more energy. No more feeling bloated after waking up in the morning. Looking good in my outfits is the bonus as I learned how to lose belly fat!

Kazi A., Whitby, Ontario

I am 61 and last year I was diagnosed with diabetes. Shah created a practical fitness coaching routine for me and taught me how to lose weight fast. I lost 18 pounds in 8 weeks. His online weight loss center was very supportive and encouraging. Now my diabetes, sugar cravings are under control.  I am enjoying my new physique and have never missed a workout since then. 

Nathan R., Toronto, Ontario

Shah's online weight loss center taught me how to lose weight fast especially how to lose belly fat. Using Shah's weight loss meal plan, I lost 43 pounds in 12-weeks and realized what I was missing in my life. His approach to fitness and nutrition was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The most important difference was his weekly accountability sessions. Shah took the time to carefully listen to my questions and provided flexible solutions. Using his solutions, not only I lost a great amount of weight, I also learned about my own body and what food works best for me. If you tried everything to lose weight but wasn't successful then I would encourage you to talk to Shah.

Sonia B., Milton, Ontario

Shah helped me learn how to lose weight fast for my body type. I needed to learn how to lose belly fat and more importantly needed a breakthrough. His online weight loss center helped me take control of my life! Using his weight loss coaching program, I lost 33 pounds in 12 weeks and dropped 3 dress sizes. My fitness success gave me confidence and that helped me achieve success in my career.


For more questions, please contact Shah.

Lose weight fast in 12 weeks.

Ajax, Ontario, Canada


Weight Loss Center Fitness Policy

I put a lot of work into creating customized programs and teaching my clients how to lose weight fast. Therefore,  I do not offer refunds for any reason at any time. My coaching program must be completed consecutively.